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The Songs of Don Henderson: Reviews & Comments


Review by Mike Ball (December 2009)
Review by John and Dale Dengate (February 2010)
Review by Lonnie Martin (February 2010)
Review by Bruce Elder (June 2010)
Review by Maurie Mulheron (June 2010)


Bruce Cameron (January 2010):
The album has arrived and I've enjoyed listening to it over the past few days. I'll definitely be featuring tracks on my program in the near future. Don Henderson certainly wrote some outstanding songs and they deserve to be better known. As a social commentator he wasn't exactly 'unbiased', but many of his lyrics are brilliantly incisive, with a strong self awareness driving the process. My memory of Don Henderson as a person is limited, although a few of his songs are still in our bush band's repertoire. His ability to describe the human condition was impressive, as was his commitment to working people. That's his legacy for me.


Doug Anderson (   February 8 - 14, 2010 p.9):
But Wait! There's more! Mark Gregory's copy of The Songs of Don Henderson will be a valued addition to the library. All the evergreen Henderson ballads and songs in the distinctive vernacular on a two-CD set on Shoestring Records, sung by their composer and revered names from the late '50s to the early'90s.

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