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Covering a span of 30 years, 100 of Don Henderson's songs and poems have entered a second edition. This has been funded from the sales of the double CD "The Songs of Don Henderson" made possible by public donation. The book is a wonderful tribute to a great songwriter, edited by Sally Henderson and Edgar Waters.

Don's versatility as a writer certainly becomes clear in this collection. A classic ghost story told in verse is "The Haunted Hill". "The Guardsman's Appeal" is a ballad to expose the hypocrisy of British law in a notorious rape case. A racing yarn is turned to song, "Not in the Joke". There's a wealth of wry humour in the introductions to the songs, and a transcription of Don talking about his early life to Edgar Waters. It also includes a song about Don, "Hendo", written by Gary Shearston, and dozens of illustrations by Jon Endean.

The Songs of Don Henderson CD [SOLD OUT]

Possibly one of the most historically significant Country/Folk Releases of 2009, this CD captures the important archival and recently recorded 'tribute' versions of the songs penned by a man whom many consider to have been Australia's Woody Guthrie. Don Henderson, through his work and travels, wrote well over 100 songs of Australian working class life, from the late 1950s until his death in 1991. Many of them were recorded by Don and, of course, many other artists recorded them too. These include Gary Shearston, Alex Hood, The Cobbers, Declan Affley, Paradiddle and Tommy Leonard on more than thirty records.

You have probably heard his songs, perhaps 'Put a Light In Every Country Window', 'It's On', 'Basic Wage Dream', 'Hooker Rex' or 'Rake and Rambling Man'.

This, Shoestring records latest release, is a Double CD 'The Songs of Don Henderson' with a total of forty songs, half of them sung by Don and the rest from over a dozen other singers.

Blues, talking blues,country, bush ballad, rock, folk, industrial song and even rock opera illustrate the breadth of Don's writing and music and his masterly use of the Australian vernacular.

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