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Don Henderson Project Launch

National Folk Festival

Saturday 7 April 2007
3.30pm to 4.50pm


Ann Bermingham
Dave de Hugard
Jenny Fitzgibbon & Tulca Mór
Mark Gregory
Sally Henderson
Tommy Leonard
Helen Rowe
Danny Spooner

Jenny Fitzgibbon Danny Spooner Helen Rowe
Jenny Fitzgibbon Danny Spooner Helen Rowe
Sally Henderson Tommy Leonard Ann Bermingham
Sally Henderson Tommy Leonard Ann Bermingham
Dave de Hugard It's On!
Dave de Hugard Ann, Mark, Sally and Helen sing It's On!
photographs courtesy of Mark Laidler

Review of concert by Don Nichols

Songs of Don Henderson at The National Folk Festival, 2007 were showcased with the aim of republishing his songbook A Quiet Century, and producing a comprehensive CD of his songs.

Between dashing from venue to venue, I managed to catch portions of this presentation of a number of Don's songs, the strength of which were augmented by a fine array of talent: Danny Spooner, Jenny Fitzgibbon, Tulca Mor, Tommy Leonard, Helen Rowe, Ann Bermingham, Dave de Hugard, Sally Henderson and Mark Gregory, who was also MC.

Bearing in mind I had to flit between two concurrent events, items that stood out for me were Danny Spooner's Thirty Ton Line, Jenny Fitzgibbon and Tulca Mor's Rake and a Rambling Man, Tommy Leonard's War for Those who want it, and Ann Bermingham, Helen Rowe, and Sally Henderson singing What Makes the Grass Grow? and, together with Mark Gregory, It’s On!


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