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From Where Have All The Surfboards Come?
Don Henderson: Australian Tradition, 1968

Don Henderson by Craig McGregor
People Politics and Pop, 1968

Don Henderson by Wendy Lowenstein
Australian Tradition, 1970

The Making of a Song Writer
Don Henderson: Interview with Edgar Waters, 1986

A Quiet Century: Introduction
Don Henderson, 1991

Only Love Survives
Garry Shearston: CD notes, 2001
'Don Henderson was my friend and fellow Australian songwriter from the late nineteen fifties in Sydney until his premature death in Brisbane in August 1991. HEY THERE, SONGMAN, a song for 'Hendo' (as he was affectionately known to all), was written in response to a request from Don's wife, Sally, for something that could be used as a preface to 'A Quiet Century', the posthumously published collection of Don's songs and poems. I used the titles and themes of many of them to tell his story. The dedication, which accompanies the book, says, with thanks for all you gave, and in loving memory of the times we shared." It came from the heart'.





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